Knowledge about your Gym Equipment

Is this your first time joining a gym? Are you blank about the kind of equipment there are and have no idea how to use them? If that’s you, this is exactly the place for you.

It is always better to know your equipment unless you love standing hours like a pumpkin in front of the machine earning humiliation. Following are few of the equipment.



They come about in every weight, so there is no way out of this. You can perform your isolation exercises as well as your compound exercises with them. There is no muscle you can’t target with these.

Resistance Machines

Resistance Machines

These are abundant in a gym. These machines are centered on working on a specific muscle such as chest, legs, arms, etc.

It saves you the worry devising a technique because all you have to do is hop in the seat and follow the diagrammatic instructions.

These are very beginner-friendly because they have all the instructions illustrated on the machine.

Pull up Bars

Pull up Bars

Pull up bars are obviously not the best choice for the beginner, but you must not completely forget them.

These are very good to exercise your arms and shoulders. If hold the bars fingers curled towards you will also serve your biceps.


Benches exercise

Benches are among the very favorites of the gym equipment. It can be used in various ways such as to stand on, bench on, lean on, etc.

The only negative point about benches is that they happen to be very rare in a gym. That makes them precious and obviously you have to queue up for it.

Kettle Bells

Kettle Bells

Also known as girya, kettle bells are something like a canon ball that has a handle. They are made of cast-iron and are commonly used for all ballistic exercises.

These stand out from the other equipment. It may feel strange when you first start using it, but with time you usually get the hang of it.


Barbells exercise

Barbells are basically elaborate version of dumbbells. They require you to use both hands and are heavier in terms of weight. They take time getting used to, but once you do they prove to be brilliant equipment.

Cable Machines

Cable Machines

Cable machines often have a scary persona, but when you really look into it they prove to be a very promising tool.

Unlike dumbbells they are set and all you have to do is go and use it. The only negative point is that they are not that great number in a gym, therefore you might have to wait for it.


These are described as heavy metal pieces that take most of the space at the gym. Along with barbell these help you perform squat, which happens to be very known exercise.

Medicine Ball

Medicine Ball

Medicine balls are not found in many gyms because not everyone is aware of its fun advantages. Not only can you do sit ups on it but you can literally throw it about. Throwing them serves to be a very good exercise for burning calories.

So now you have something close to an introduction. Don’t get scared, once you get into gym you will adjust.

Guidelines to select the exercise bike at home accordingly

You are in need of a bike to practice at home but unknown how to choose the right exercise bike at home properly and how to fit or work? The below guide will help you solve your problem.

Nowadays exercise bike at home is the number one choice for those you want to do exercise to lose weight, reduce fat safely, saving. Daily cycling not only help you lose weight but also firming muscles, helping you to feel comfortable after hours of work stress.

select exercise bike

After you have some concepts, some thinking, your requirement, I’m sure you will be easy to have your decision of own your exercise bike at home effectively.

The first, you should consider the needs of your practice is only set his whole body or only for leg part, set for young people or the elderly … to thereby determine if the bike doesn’t has saddle or no saddle which is suitable for you.

– Then you see the maximum budget which you can spend for buying a training bike. Since that you can easy to determine whether the products, exercise bike is in the price that you can buy.

– Next, you need to check your space in home where will set for machine that can choose their own suitable products.

– Finally, to find out which features an exercise bicycle can bring for you:

+ Height can be adjusted or not: the adjustable height will create a sense of comfort for you, it helps for families. That means not only you but also family can do exercise, cycling on product.

+ Exercise bike has saddle or no saddle.

+ Pedals, you should try to pedal of bicycle to see it’s easy or not, fit or not fit. You have to make sure pedals are strong? and have any noisy when its running. Because this sound will make you feel uncomfortable, even you don’t want to do any more.

+ Determine whether the maximum weight allowed is set. For example, your weight is 100 pounds, you can’t sit on and cycling with bike which only permit maximum 90 pounds. Your bike will be crashed in short time and I’m sure that you have to buy a new one. That means you have to spend some more money. Is it good? The answer is no surely.

+ Adjust intensity: Helps you do exercise more intense as your fitness level increases, provide continuous challenges in practice. In the first few weeks, because you’re very new with exercise bike, you cycle in 20 minutes with low speed, but after that, you’re fairly familiar with it, your strength is increasing, you need to increase speed and the time of doing exercise.

+ Other elements: monitors measure heart rate and calories burned. This will help you know at that day, how much energy you burn? How is your heart rate? How is your healthy?

Above are some suggestions to buy an exercise bike at home effectively. I hope it’s helpful and easy to you.

Currently on the market there are so many exercise bikes from different brands for your choice as Obitrack, Obitrek, Royal, Life, Reebok … Here I would like give your some advice on this products which are recommended and it suitable with a lot of people.

– If you want to do exercise for the whole body and with saddle versatile, K208G series is the number one choice for you. This product is sold in the market price under 300$

– If you want a exercise bike with no saddle, the New K208B Orbitrack under 150$ is perfect choice for you.

– If you want to buy a bicycle training for parents, grandparents or older have weak spine, these bikes have saddle seat will best suit you. You can refer to the exercise bike Bike X-08 which have price is under 150$.

– If you want to find the bike set the line high-grade genuine, exercise bike of Reebok brands will be the first priority and the most perfect one for you.