Clean the Hardwood Floor and keep your house neat

Clean the Hardwood Floor and keep your house neat

It is not easy to find out the vacuum for the hardwood floor. There is lot of mediocre vacuum cleaners available in the market. You must be sure that the vacuum cleaner must be such that retain the shine of the wooden floor. The floor should not appear dirty due to the debris. To make the process easy for the selection of the vacuum cleaner for the hardwood floor there are certain steps mentioned below. You will get right one after choosing

Steps to Find the Best Vacuum cleaner for the hardwood floor:

The hardwood floor needs a good vacuum cleaner. This guide would provide you the information that helps you in getting the right vacuum cleaner for the hardwood floor of your house. You can find the type of cleaner that is required for sucking the filth of the home on the new hardwood floor.

* Canister Vacuum- best vacuum cleaner

The Canister Vacuums are the ones that have a great attachment with sucking head and they are well connected with mobile engine. They are joined with the other parts of the vacuum that are filter and the mobile engine through a long hose. Such vacuum cleaners  are  made of two parts that is head and the body. Canister vacuum cleaner does not has heavy weight. Thus it becomes easy for the canister vacuum to move around the house. The engine in this machine is placed very low. You can pull it towards your side as you do your job. Though it is easy to handle in the house but at times on the stairs it becomes chaotic to work with the vacuum. There are multiple attachments that can be interchanged on the head  and protects the floor from the abrasion of the brushes.

It has the strong suction power that can take in all the dust and dirt of the floor. Hence it can be one of the preferred vacuum cleaner for the hardwood floor.

* Stick Vacuum

The stick vacuum is an option that is typically a very skinny and is upright with. many features. It has a strong suction power. They come with the options that are they could come with the electric cord or could be battery powered. It all depends on the model type. Generally there are no extra heads in this vacuum. They cannot be swapped out in this stick vacuum. There are no hose to shift the place up or down. It is beneficial for the small and cozy homes. It is very lightweight and can be used at less messy place. Stick vacuum is the set choice for a small compact home. The disadvantage attached with the vacuum cleaner is that they cannot be used on the messy and heavy work surfaces. Hence they are not useful for the big homes. and no hose for smaller or higher up places. If you have a more compact home.

* Robotic vacuum for the hardwood floor

Robot vacuums are the latest invention in the world of vacuum cleaners. The robotic vacuum cleaners are very good for cleaning of the hardwood floors. It is recommended to purchase such cleaners as they save physical strain and efforts of the residents. They are of course more in cost then rest of the cleaners But you will not regret while using on the hardwood floor. They re high in maintenance as well but it is the machine that has to work as it is an autonomous system. They are great on the floor as they clean the pet hair and any kind of hair. But there is limitation with the gadget that it has to be monitored. There must be check on its battery.

* Upright Vacuum cleaner 

Upright is the vacuum cleaner that is able to stand on its own when it is not in use. It is build on one single solid piece. This type of upright vacuum cleaner is heavier than the rest of the cleaners on the hardwood floor. If the entire home I with the hardwood floor then there are several upright vacuum cleaners available in market that serve the needs very well of vacuum for the hardwood floor. There are different attachments that come with this cleaner. This would make an easy thing to clean the house. Therefore, upright vacuum are also compared well with the canister vacuum. The uprights have the most powerful suction among the vacuum cleaners.

Type of the hardwood floors – the wood floor can be made from the different kinds of wood like hard wood, soft wood,  coated wood etc. while making the purchase of the vacuum cleaner, keep this in consideration. If there are grooves and the lines in your floor then you must pick the cleaner with high suction power as it would pull the dust and dirt from the grooves.

 Hardwood floor with the carpet – if the house is all over with the hardwood floor then you do not have to be choosy on the vacuum cleaner. But if it is carpeted then you need to be careful while choosing the correct vacuum for the hardwood floor. There must be a cleaner that can work well on the hard as well as soft floor.

Features required in the vacuum for Hardwood Floor

There are certain main features that are needed in the vacuum hardwood floors. Main are mentioned below-

Suction Power

You must consider the suction power while selecting the correct vacuum cleaner for the hardwood floor. Generally low to medium suction power is required. In case of the carpet floor, you would need the high suction power vacuum cleaner. Hence you do not need to spend on the high suction powered cleaner. If there are lines and grooves on the floor then in that case, you need to have high suction cleaner as it is necessary to suck the dirt that gets accumulated in the grooves.

Weight of the hardwood vacuum cleaner

It is necessary to consider the weight of the vacuum cleaner. The lightweight cleaners are always better than the heavy ones. There are always chances of wear and tear on the hardwood floor with the heavy cleaner. Therefore if not required, go and buy the lightweight vacuum cleaner.

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