How to select a Backpacking Stove

The backpackers always worry about finding a good stove for their outing trips. The hiking activities are already so exhausting physically that you cannot afford to get involved in nonfunctional stove issues. The low quality stoves cannot be trusted and they can spoil the enjoyment of your trip. You should know the features that are required for a best backpacking stove so that you do not make a wrong purchase. Let us discuss the criteria on which one should evaluate a backpacking stove for an outdoor activity.

The stove should be versatile. It means that it should support wide functions. It should support an extensive range of pots to place on it. It should be able to boil water fast. It should also have the simmering ability. The stove should be much easy thing to cook on. It should not be a complex unit that need an hour to start cooking process. It should have clear instructions for diagnosing the fault.

Some important Nodes to Follow

  1. It should be capable of being troubleshooted and resolved in the field. We should avoid such products that are not easy to troubleshoot in case of issue. If somebody get an issue with stove at a peak, he cannot send it back to manufacturer to resolve it. He needs the service right there. If it can give support for multiple types of fuels then it will be good versatile product. MSR Dragonfly and Whisperlite Universal are some of the versatile stoves that are available in the market.MSR stove
  2. If the stove you bought is fuel efficient, then you can enjoy cooking for long time. The fuel can sustain for much time. It will not be worry for you to get another fuel can. This efficiency can be checked in variety of ways ranging from windy environment test, insulations, and boiling times. This is one of the main considerations for any hiker as they do not want to be short of the fuel after reaching a snowy place and consume the cold food due to this mishap.
  3. There is another factor that needs a good evaluation. This is the boiling time. This evaluation needs to be on scientific grounds and it should be conducted for variety of environment to evaluate it completely. The testing can check the boiling time for different liquids by having a same environment for all of the stoves. The amount of liquid can also be varied to get the solid results. This should be tested when the burners are at maximum flame.
  4. The weight of the stove is another measure to determine which stove one should chose. The backpackers have to carry them on their shoulders. They cannot exhaust them with this weight as they will not be able to consume more energy on hiking. The figures of weight must be carefully checked before you buy any of the stoves. They should be compact and light weight keeping other consideration in mind as well.light backpacking stove
  5. The stability of the stove is another feature that needs to be considered while choosing a good stove for you backpacking trip. The stove should be stable on rough as well as rough surface. It should be able to stand upright on all type of surfaces. They should be low to the ground level and wide platforms. This can give them a stable feature. We have found that MSR Dragonfly is one of the most stable stoves in the market. Canister stoves normally have stability issues when they are attached to the stove heads.

So, whenever you think to buy a backpacking stove, please keep the most important parameter in your mind to have a great camping trip.

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