How to workout with stroller and get healthier as doing exercise?

When you have a little kid to take care of, exercise time may be very limited. At times, you may even never get any free time for workouts. That doesn’t mean you have to relax and stay unfit! Jogging with a stroller may be the choice for most people. But do you know you can workout with stroller and stay healthy like any other exercise? Performing workout with stroller is great for both dad and mom while giving the child some quality time.

Workout with Stroller
Performing workout with stroller is great for both dad and mom while giving the child some quality time, saving but healthy

Here is a simple guide for working out with your stroller.

Precaution: Before you start any of these practices ensure your child is safe and comfortable in the stroller. You can also check all best strollers for workout at the website baby car seat stroller combo.

Warm UP (3 – 4 Minutes)

Start with just an easy walk and warm your body and muscles gradually. Ensure to keep your shoulders back and forward throughout your walk.


The squat is a great workout for the lower part of the body. Stand behind the stroller and release the brakes. Place your hands on the handlebars and ensure they are shoulder-width apart. Your knees and feet must face forward, and your legs placed hips-width apart. Ensure your bottom is way back then place your weight gently on your heels. Now push the stroller forward squatting down, and pull it backwards as you slowly raise yourself to a standing position. Ensure your spine is long and strong when squatting; your upper body should be slightly tilted forward. Avoid bending more from the upper body.


This is interval training. Walk fast and hard for 30 seconds, and then slow for another 30 seconds. This process should be repeated until the 3 minutes are over.


This Workout with stroller is great when pushing uphill. You can also do it in a sloped driveway. The stroller should be in front of you, place one hand (right hand) on the handle and bent your arm. Push your stroller uphill with that arm. The focus should be on the chest muscles. Now repeat the process with your left hand.


The Lunge is among the most effective workouts that a woman can perform to strengthen and tone her lower body. This exercise engages a lot of muscles in only one move. An effective lunge works your front of the thighs (quadriceps), back of the thighs (hamstring), and your bottom (glutex maximums). Lunge is performed during your walk – take long strides lower your upper body until the quadriceps is nearly parallel to the ground. Ensure your front knee doesn’t go farther past your toes. Now lower your body gently and press your thighs and the glutes as you lift yourself.

Workout with Stroller


Restart your walk with full, powerful strides. Maintain your knees and feet, facing forward – your body should be standing tall. Recover by walking at a challenging pace.


Walk to a small hill or to your driveway. Face your stroller downhill. Your hips and feet should be the same distance apart, hands shoulder-width apart on the handlebar. Roll the stroller forward to extend your arm, pull the stroller back to you using the upper back muscles.


At this time, you should have had more Workout with stroller. But keep your strength so that you can still check on your child.


Face the stroller with your right side. Push the stroller away, and stand still; try to reach overhead with your left arm. Now pull the stroller back using the abs on your left side. Focus on drawing the ribs to hips. Repeat the exercise with the other side after 1 minute.


Lie in front of the stroller – ensure the brakes are engaged. Place your head right at the ram of the front wheels (wheel). Hold the wheels behind you. Ensure your feet are at a right angle with your legs. Engage abs and then draw the belly button to your spine.


This is a perfect time to stretch your whole body. Take your baby out.

This exercise is a simple and perfect workout with stroller – you will also spend a great time with your little one.